There is ICE on the ground and FIRE in my heart…

This is for anyone who is starting any new venture in life.  Our journeys may be different, but the challenges can be similar.  Passion and motivation are what led me to write this.  With love and compassion…..

Everyday I help my patients in so many different ways. They walk into my office, I am invited into their homes, or invited to the hospital after they give birth and I help people. Whether it is the adjustment, the friendship, the love, my support, my knowledge on certain topics… I don’t know what it is that helps them because everyone is different. I may have a skeptical patient, but that usually doesn’t last… I may have a scared patient, but that usually doesn’t last long either… Sometimes the hardest thing in this profession is the other doctors in this profession. I strongly believe we were all called to be in this profession in our own unique way. A doctor I know from school recently posted a blog and something she quoted really stuck with me, “God doesn’t call the qualified, God qualifies the called” – 1 Corinthians 1:27-29- (Thank you Dr. Porteus for quoting this scripture) The hardest part about opening a new business is that little voice of doubt that tries to poke her mean head in and say… “you can’t do this”, “what if you fail”, “what if you lose everything”, and then you hear that same fear spoken from a fellow colleague, repeating almost those exact “mean words”. Some of these professionals are people you really looked up to, they are people who encouraged you to embark on this career path, and yet they are the first ones to doubt what you do… But today I say NO… SO what if I do fail (been there done that) … SO what if we don’t make it… Yea that would suck, but I DON’T CARE… what I do care about and what I will put my focus towards is whoever  walks through my door, I will give them my all… I will use the knowledge I have gained for good, and I will use that knowledge to communicate to the best of my ability… and if it doesn’t work I will go where God calls me next. I am not posting this to call any one person out, if anything I’m calling out that little voice in my own head that keeps trying to repeat those negative words…. Because “ain’t nobody got time for that” 😉 What my goal of this is, is to say YES! YES we can do this, YES I will keep learning and growing, and YES it is going to be hard, there is no doubt about that. I am releasing the relationships that no longer serve me and putting my focus to the professionals that are calling our office or texting us to show their love, support, and friendship. So to my fellow doctor friends, I say let us be the change in this profession! Let us be the ones to open our arms to anyone called into this profession, no matter how they are called to practice. Let us be the ones to lift each other UP, let us be the ones to stop the nay-saying… If you are a student or a doctor considering opening a practice, define what it is that YOU want and DO IT and be great at it! (This feels like a graduation speech, but I mean it!)

Thank you to our supporters and thank you to the ones who have lit my fire on this icy day and encouraged me to put my words down for the rest of the world to read… I love you all and I love what we do! That is SUCCESS for me. Define your own SUCCESS.

“Let ME be ME, and YOU be YOU”

1 thought on “There is ICE on the ground and FIRE in my heart…”

  1. You just be the best you can be and God will take care of the rest. The Word also says speak to the mountain and it shall be cast into the sea. Keep on speaking positively and you will have what you say. Remember FEAR is false evidence appearing real. But it is NOT real. Love you so much. You are my heart and you are successful. I declare it by the Word of God. Nana❤❤❤


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